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Posted by on Feb 25, 2018 in Blog |

Best Tattoo Magazines

More than mere creations, tattoos are exquisite works of art and culture. All around the world, tattoo culture is constantly evolving. Some of the best tattoo magazines enable you to follow the tattoo community. Featuring modern inking techniques, fascinating body arts, cool tattoo ideas, and super talented ink masters, tattoo magazines bring you a magnificently diverse tattoo world. Here are some top tattoo magazines around the world.

Inked Magazine

This magazine is designed for lovers of the art, culture, and style of tattoos. Inked brings you styles, techniques, modern tattoo gadgets, and captivating photo shoots of top models. Inked magazine’s Q&A sessions with tattoo trendsetters feature interviews with some of the finest tattoo artists on the planet, as well as celebrities. It’s intriguing to discover more about the people, instead of simply looking at their tattoos.

Skin Deep

Skin deep takes you deep into the very culture of tattoos. It is a great choice for tattoo darlings and artists alike. Not only is it the best-selling tattoo magazine in the UK, it’s among the few magazines that take you through a tattoo journey. It tells the stories of the men and ladies who have gone under the gun while serving as a window into the works and lives of the coolest tattoo artists in the UK. As expected, Skin Deep consistently offers insight into culture hot spots, like London’s Soho.

Tattoo Magazine

If you want to see some of the best skin art from around the world, Tattoo magazine is a sure bet. It displays the hottest tattoos along with the artists who create them. From the most daring designs to tattoos on weird body parts, Tattoo Magazine celebrates exquisite works of art. Great for those who prefer something unique or a bit different and adventurous tattoo artists alike. It is also a top choice for those already having tattoos as well as a more youthful audience.

Tattoo Life

For many, tattoos aren’t simply body arts, they’re a lifestyle. Tattoo Life is a magazine best suited for such individuals. As expected, it features some of the most vivacious inked ladies on the planet. This magazine brings you interviews with the best international ink masters and covers the world’s hottest events. Animated and lively, it serves both the younger and older tattoo sweethearts.

Things & Ink

Its intriguing editorials, awesome artistic presentations, and cool tattoo ideas are some of the appealing aspects of Things & Ink. It is among the best tattoo magazines in the world for enthusiasts of body ink arts. It regularly features extremely dazzling pictures of ladies, men, and couples alongside the stories behind their ink. You’ll never come up short of ideas for tattoos with Things & Ink.

Freshly Inked

Also from Inked Magazine, Freshly Inked provide ink lovers great inspirations for future designs. Find latest trends, out-of-fashion designs, celebrity next sessions, and the hottest things happening in the tattoo world. It discusses tattoo designs and their meaning. It also carries a list of hot tattoo events happening around the globe.