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Posted by on Apr 29, 2018 in Blog |

Common Mistakes People Make When Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are great work of art and one of the ways to express our inborn creativity. You control your body and having a tattoo is one of the ways you express yourself. But there are common mistakes most people make that can ruin their experience. In this informative piece, you will learn more about these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Using the wrong Artist

The tattoo is an art; the session is a serious business. From picking the right design to finding where you want it to be, you need to blend with your artist for the whole process to be very successful. If you don’t share the ideas or thoughts with your tattoo artist, then the whole session is likely to be a painful one. Make sure you are on the same page with your artist and they understand what you to want for the procedure. The following tips will help you avoid most of the mistakes people make when getting a new tattoo. Make sure you follow the right steps and enjoy the experience.

Bad choice of placement

Bad choice of placement

Tattoo placement means merely the position of the tattoo. There are two types of tattoo placements namely; the apparent placement and the less apparent placements. Most people make the mistake of placing a noticeable tattoo without thinking of the consequences; for instance, getting a tattoo on your face.

The less prominent placement is more about the design. You need to be careful when choosing an investment for your tattoo. You need to put the end goal in mind when making your decision.  Always choose an arrangement that you will not regret in the future.

Poor Research

Poor Research

Even when you don’t want to book an appointment two years in advance to get a premier tattoo artist, you need to carry out some research on a tattoo shop before you go in for your tattoo job. Fortunately, there are easy ways to carry out this research.

The first method is to go to the tattoo shop’s website and get as much information as you can. The second method is to walk into the tattoo shop personally. Always ask to see the artist’s portfolio. If you are not ok with their previous jobs, then you should not expect them to perform magic when it comes to your tattoo.

You can check sites like Instagram and Yelp to get feedback on the tattoo shop from previous users. Also, be conscious of the artist’s style and pattern when going through his portfolio because you are likely going to get a similar pattern or design.

Drinking Before A Tattoo Job

The numbers of people that make this mistake are some much that most tattoo shops require clients to sign a form stating that you have not had an alcoholic drink before coming in to get a tattoo. Most people take alcohol to numb the pains they expect to feel during the tattoo making process. But what taking alcohol before a tattoo job does is to make your blood thin and thus make the whole procedure complicated and messy.

This is the reason why most people bleed excessively during a tattoo session especially for those getting a larger design. Know that alcohol will destabilize your blood clotting process and make you bleed more.