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Posted by on Jun 26, 2018 in Blog |

How to Become a Successful Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is an amazing art that has existed since the dawn of humanity. At first, tattoos were used in order to distinguish between tribes or to serve as decorations for battle victories. In time, tattoos turned into a way of decorating the skin and body. There are still people that use them for their primary purpose, but they are very secluded. The tattoo artist is the person that turns our dream and vision into reality. The importance of the quality of the tattoo artist is vital for the aesthetic outcome. But becoming an amazing tattoo artist can be quite difficult. We have listed some of the main steps to take in order to become a successful tattoo artist in order to help you with this journey


Your skill is very important. You have to know how to draw on the paper before you get close to the human skin. If you can’t draw a basic portrait or you are unable to color without crossing the margins of a drawing, you need to take some action. Tattooing on the skin is much harder than drawing on a still piece of paper. You have to learn how to draw in different styles. In order to achieve this, you can go to art classes or you can rehearse at home with the resources found on-line. The secret of success in this part is to rehearse until the drawings are perfect.


The next step on your journey is apprenticeship. There are countless tattooing courses out there, but you have to realize that you will not become a successful artist by doing a one-month course. You have to find an experienced tattoo artist that will take you as an apprentice. This way you will be able to learn from a veteran in the art of tattooing. Be careful, there is no set time for apprenticeship. The work ends when the supervisor says so. Take into consideration that you will not be able to work another job during this time and that you have to show your teacher respect. This is the best way to master this art; you will learn different techniques and in time you will be allowed to start working on clients. When the training ends, you can be considered a good tattoo artist.

Be Willing to Change

Flexibility is very important when creating tattoo. Once you have your own salon, you will see different types of clients that want a tattoo. If you have a very harsh style but a girl comes in and wants a delicate rose, you will have to do your best to make her vision happen. This is the secret of flexibility in the tattoo world. You can collaborate with the client on the model, but the final decision is made by the client. Do your best to understand what they want and make their vision happen. This is how you will become respected as a tattoo artist and will have more clients coming in your salon.