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Posted by on May 28, 2018 in Blog |

How to Care for a Tattoo If It Begins to Fade

When you first get a tattoo, the colors will be nice and bright and tattoo will look crisp. However, over time the vividness tends to fade and that brilliant and sharp appearance will disappear. And thus, you may wander what you can do and how you should care for a tattoo that has begun fading.

It’s important to keep in mind that all skin artwork will dull over time. There may be differences in how quickly they fade, but ultimately those colours will not last. There are some steps that you can take to prevent the tattoo from fading even more over time.

Take Care of Your Tattoo

When you first get a tattoo, the artist who’s working on you will often recommend that you use some type of lotion or other product. It is important that you follow the suggestions of the professional and keep careful watch on the stare of your tattoo.

Using a specialized lotion is a good idea to stop artwork from fading and to prevent any further loss of colour, it is also a good idea to continue to use the said skincare product to protect the tattoo as much as possible, and the best recommendation for this is the cream that has no scent. This is because a scented moisturizer often contains alcohol which can damage the painting on your skin or, at the very least, increase the deterioration of it.

Avoid Sun Exposure

A new tattoo needs to be treated with care and you should not pick at any scabs, soak or expose it to the sun. Just to be safe, it is recommended to avoid the tanning beds even once you hit the two-week mark after the procedure. Sun is very damaging to the skin in general, and tanning beds may be even more so. If the exposure was unavoidable and your markings began to fade, you should consider stopping the harmful activities or at least wear a sunscreen on the tattoo. Tanning beds are considered to be worse than actual sunrays because they put out a much more highly concentrated form of UV rays. In the case of natural sunlight, a really strong sunscreen should provide sufficient protection. For example, the one with SPF 35 or 50 will do well. Tanning lotion won’t harm a tattoo, provided that is it totally healed, but it could look strange, so you may want to avoid applying the lotion directly over the design.

Stay Healthy

After getting your tattoo done, refrain from swim for a few weeks, since this can introduce bacteria into artwork and that may hasten the dulling process. If you are concerned about your markings, you can also go to a dermatologist and see what advice they have for you. You need to remember that a healthy skin will mean a long-lasting tattoo, so you really should take care of your skin. Maintaining a suitable diet and drinking plenty of water will keep you and your entire body in good shape, and that in turn could give your tattoo more longevity.