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Posted by on Feb 12, 2018 in Blog |

Most Famous Tattoos Ever

After deciding to get a tattoo, picking the tattoo design you want to have is one of the hardest choices to make. This step is critical because, most times, tattoos are permanent. You’ll be having it on you for life. That’s why the most famous tattoos ever made are simple iconic designs. You can get an absolutely decorative tattoo, a symbolic tattoo or a simple pictorial tattoo of something or someone you love. Most tattoo shops provide catalogs of popular tattoos that you can pick from. Picking one and tweaking it to get a unique design is a great way to go. From classic icons like numerals and hearts to contemporary choices like arrows and infinity, the most popular tattoo designs are typically symbolic, expressive, and meaningful. Before you walk into a tattoo shop, check out our list of popular tattoos ever to help with your search.

Dragon Tattoos

It’s no wonder that this legendary fire-breathing beast is popular among men. Various folklore and myths have inspired endless fascination with these reptiles. Designs can range from simple small wrist tattoos to elaborate full-body masterpieces. To many, dragons symbolize strength, bravery, hope, and purity.

Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo is, no doubt, very lovely. Another top tattoo design among ladies, butterflies make for complex yet simple designs. To some, it’s a sign of beauty and freedom. Butterfly tattoos are popular because they can easily be tweaked and looks beautiful on any part of your body.

Flower Tattoos

Not only are flower tattoos exceptionally beautiful, they also allow for great expressiveness and decent variety. You can match your flowers with short messages or symbols like stars to make them unique. The best part of flower tattoos is that they can fit anywhere.

Celtic Symbol Tattoos

Celtic tattoos incorporate a wide assortment of designs. Some popular Celtic tattoos include Celtic knots, five-fold symbols, crosses, mandalas, single spirals and Arwen to name a few. The variety of symbols and the overall aesthetic appeal makes Celtic symbols one of the most popular tattoo designs around the world.

Heart Tattoos

Some tattoos are intended to demonstrate how a person feels about other individuals or things, and the heart is one of such tattoos. It can symbolize commitment or a vow of affection. Individuals have heart tattoos with the name of their loved ones.

Wing Tattoos

Very popular among the youths, wings of all sizes are tattooed regularly. Many often connect angel wings with religion and love.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos were some very first set of tattoos. They are still a top choice for contemporary tattoo lovers because of their intricate designs and adaptability. They are very traditional and common in some parts of the world.

Texts-Based Tattoos

In many cultures, text-based tattoos are among the top designs. They allow versatility and are usually very meaningful. You can tattoo your favorite quotes, a personal motto, lyrics or a scripture on any part of your body. A simple “Que Sera Sera” can be perfect on your arm.