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Posted by on Mar 29, 2019 in Blog |

Picking the Right Professional for a New Tattoo

The relationship between a Tattoo Artist and their clients is bonded with trust and a creative alliance. Finding an Artist you can rely on requires a little bit of time and research. Often times, potential clients will rush into an appointment only to be sorely disappointed with the results. As exciting as it can be to get a new Tattoo, taking a pause for review of your options is the wisest choice. Once you find your Tattoo Guru, they are likely to remain your Artist for years to come. Prior to applying ink to skin, you want to take the following steps to ensure a positive experience.

Tattoo Artist Recommendations

There is no greater tribute than word of mouth advertising. Look for recommendations from other tattoo enthusiasts in the area. They are generally happy to forward the information of their favorite (and not so favorite) Artists. Reviews from friends, family members and acquaintances are trusted sources whereas you may have to be fickler when it comes to online reads. Before condoning or condemning a specific Artist, sift through the information to ensure its accuracy.

Artist Abilities

Tattoo Artists are well versed in many areas. They are talented artistically with a keen eye for precision. In order for someone to be successful in the Tattooing field, they must acquire some medical knowledge to go along with their vision. Sterilization practices are of utmost importance to avoid infections and other various transferable bacteria or disease. Verifying the extent of knowledge, experience and certifications will help to put your mind at ease.

Tattoo Art

The same as a painter or sculptor has a specialty, Tattoo artists also have their own niche. You undoubtedly may have a design in mind making it necessary to discuss the details with your Tattoo Artist. If they do not typically work with the concept or color platform, there is a risk it will not turn out as you envisioned. An Artist who is honest works within their scope showing both integrity and responsibility in their field.


If you plan to visit an out of state Tattoo Artist, keep in mind it will be difficult for follow up care if deemed necessary. This is not say you should not travel for a tattoo, yet some find having a Tattoo Artist closer to their neighborhood to be convenient. Touch ups, unforeseen occurrences and future tattoos are easily accessible when you are not far from home.

Tattoo Artist Personalities

As with any alliance, personalities can make a difference. Certain characteristics can help or hinder much of the Tattooing process. Communication is key between a client and an artist. If the style of two people do not align, this has the potential for mishaps to occur. Tattoos are meant to be a permanent sentiment that is represented from your creativity to ink.

Using these guidelines to choose a Tattoo Artist will ensure a positive experience. As you begin your get inked journey, you will begin to explore the vast possibilities. Knowing you are in good and capable hands will have you resting easy from the very start to an Artistic finish.