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Posted by on Jan 6, 2019 in Blog |

Steps to Choosing the Right Tattoo

Choosing a Tattoo is the same as picking a lifelong partner. Your colorful sidekick will be with you every moment of your life. It becomes a dedicated decision once you are in the Tattoo chair or on the table. Whether you are considering a first Tattoo or adding to the collection, you want to make the right choice. It can be a stressful process when you look through dozens of images and hundreds of design pages. There are a few sharp tips of the Tattoo trade that are useful when reviewing your options.

Choosing a Tattoo Tips

Size Will Matter – The first step in selecting a Tattoo is picking an approximate size. Once you know how big or small you want your ink, you can decide on the other factors involved. Larger Tattoos require more time, funding and space. Opting for a smaller design will narrow your pool of selections while a medium size is the compromise between the two.

Location! Location! Location! – As with all good things, the location can make or break its appeal. Having the size situated, it is time to decide on where you want your Tattoo. A rule of thumb is proportionate imagining. Smaller designs will work best on smaller body parts as larger will only fit on bigger areas such as the back or thigh regions. Experts suggest applying temporary drawings or images in various regions of the body. This will give you a sneak peek as to what you will be happy with in the long term.

Themed Tattoos – Now that you have a foundation for your Tattoo, it is time for the fun part. You can eliminate at least fifty percent of your confusion by choosing a theme or style. Many clients will want to symbolize an important aspect or event in their life. It can include anything from a parents name to a favorite hobby or passion. It will reflect specific pieces of your personality that have meaning. Others will base their options with a different idea in mind. Some Tattoos do not have a story to tell or a direct theme. Instead, they just resonate with an individual on a level that does not resonate on memories.

The Tattoo – Taking all of your above choices into consideration, it will be simpler to make a final decision. Peering through the genre or main idea you want you want your Tattoo to represent, will give you the final possibilities. This is where the intricate details will take effect. It is important to make note of any alterations you would like before you begin your session. The Tattoo artist will draw an example prior to giving the green light. Coloring and expressive variations will ultimately transition the tattoo into what you imagined it to be. If you are unhappy with the draft, do not feel pressured to continue. This is a personal and permanent decision that should only be made when you are completely at ease with your options.