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Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in Blog |

Tattoo Parlors in the United States for Your Next Tattoo

1. Last Rites

The Last Rites Tattoo parlor was founded by the famous tattoo legend Paul Booth. He has a team of experienced tattoo artists working for him. Booth has known for his horror, dark and scary tattoo designs. The Last Rites studio offers a unique experience that reflects his style. Even the interior designs of his shop are filled with morbid aesthetics and grim atmosphere. You get to see gory artworks on the wall decorations in the parlor under deem lights.  Booth is famed as one of the starters and founders of the black and gray tattoo style.

2. Inkline Studio

The Inkline Studio is owned and run by Anil Gupta. He has taken the act of drawing creative tattoos to an educational height. A tattoo from Inkline studios is to be expensive, but you are bound to have a masterpiece design on your skin. Anil is known for her unique designs and creative ideas. It is cost you several hundred to thousands of dollars to consult with Anil. The studio is always so busy that sometimes, it takes almost a year to book a tattoo appointment. So, if you need that unique tattoo from Inkline, be sure to book well ahead of time.

3. Three Kings Tattoo

The Three Kings Tattoo parlor is situated in Greenpoint, New York. It offers both on spot tattoo services. You can also book well ahead of time to get tattooed. The Three Kings Tattoo studio is known for its big space and maximum cleanliness at all times. The studio has21 tattoo artists and other guest artists that come to work. Thus, it is cost you a little more than average to get a tattoo from there.

4. Smith Street Tattoo Parlor

The Smith Street Tattoo Parlor is located in Smith Street, Brooklyn. It specializes in American traditional tattoo style. Not just there, they are unique because they employ the artists in the field; some of the experienced artists you will find at the Smith Street include; Eli Quilters, Steve Boltz, Dan Santoro and Bert Krak. According to reviews from past clients, they rate the Smith Street Tattoo parlor as the best in the world. If you have a tattoo idea which they consider as not so good, they will advise you on the best way to change or transform the design to get the best art on your skin.

5. East River Tattoo

The East River Tattoo is known for having several women artists.  So, people that are gender conscious or she can opt to get tattooed in this parlor. Tattooists there are known for their friendly and sociable nature and will maintain a friendly note with you even if you don’t end up booking an appointment. It may take several weeks for you to secure an appointment, especially if you opt for professional like Rachel or Liam.

6. Daredevil Tattoo Parlor

This tattoo parlor is founded by 8 professional tattooists. They specialize in various styles like the black and gray, the traditional American style and the Japanese style.