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Posted by on Jul 15, 2019 in Blog |

The Importance of Caring For Your Tattoo

Tattoos of all sizes are expressive and artistic. They are also a part of the science and medical field. When you gaze upon an illustrative Tattoo, we marvel at the display of intricate artistry and detail. It is not often we consider the precise application of the process. Getting a Tattoo involves meticulous preparation and technique. Ink is generally synthetic making it a foreign substance being injected into layers of skin. The image is seen on the epidermis which is the outer layer while the ink is placed into the dermis. This makes it imperative to strictly follow after care instructions until the site is healed. This will help you to avoid infection or complications that could have lasting effects on your health.

Tattoo After Care

Initial Wrapping– The first step in after care will occur before you leave your Tattoo artist. The Tattoo will be covered in a jelly or moisturizer and then bandaged in a plastic wrapping. This will protect the area from outer elements and promote healing. The wrap will stay on for several hours depending on where the Tattoo is and its other characteristics.

Washing Your Tattoo– After it is safe to remove the plastic, you will need to wash the area. This can be scary if it is your first time. The Tattooed region will be red and sore so it will require a gentle hand. A soft cleanser that is hypoallergenic should be used along with warm water. Using your fingertips, lather the Tattoo lightly and remove the leftover lotion that was used. Do not rub the site with a towel to dry it off. Instead, pat it dry and let air do the rest. Once it is dry, apply lotion and leave it unbandaged.


The Next 7 Days – For the following week after your first wash, you will have a number of symptoms. The redness will still be there along with some potential ink leaks. These can be managed by continuing to wash as described above. Scabs at the injection points are common as is soreness. If you are in a dirty or sweaty environment, washing the site may be needed more often. It is essential you keep from picking and scratching the Tattoo. It will begin to itch which can be uncomfortable at times. Remember not to submerge the Tattoo for at least four weeks.

The Second Week and Beyond– Now that the swelling has gone down, you will have your own Tattoo routine. Continuing to wash and care for your Tattoo is a priority. Your Tattoo artist will advise you wen it is safe to take a full shower or bath. Moisturizing the site daily will continue and soon the scabs will become less. Once the epidermis is completely healed, your risk of infection reduces greatly.

Taking Care of your Tattoo
Taking Care of your Tattoo

Taking Care of your Tattoo will ensure a speedy recovery. Whether you choose color or shaded, large or small, the first few weeks will go by quickly. With a gentle touch and the right regimen, you will be able to enjoy your Tattoo for years to come.