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Posted by on May 23, 2019 in Blog |

Tips to Tone Your Tattoo

Tattoos will often tell a story of a person’s life, lessons or memories. From small designs to a complete canvass of possibilities, tattoos are a personalized expression. Imagery is met with imagination to symbolize the tale waiting to be told. Life is filled with experiences that line the depths of memory boxes and albums. Tattoos bring those thoughtful moments to life allowing them to become a part of our daily repertoire. Whether our tattoos serve as a reminder or inspire our path, the style will be sure to become our own signature. Opting for a colorful version or a shadowy requires a review of varying factors. As tattoos are not a temporary arrangement, it is important to be certain of your choices prior to your appointment.

The Hues of Tattoos

Vibrant hues can make a statement bringing the illustration to the next level. In depth detail and articulation is highlighted with the tones of real time colors. While the appeal may be full of lustrous shades, it is wise to also consider the potential down sides to this option. If you have a small and neat tattoo, you will likely run a lesser risk of experiencing any mishaps. For those who have larger tattoos or plan on expanding, these key factors are vital to keep in mind.

Colored ink
Colored ink

Colored ink may fade over time. After healing, the ink is absorbed, and the original pigmentation is softened. Checking your skin type before you apply color is a smart move. A tip to avoid this lies in the hand of your tattoo artist. Inquire to see colored portfolios of past work on already healed sites. The quality of the materials and expert touch can minimize the odds of color fading. To avoid the scattered sticker look, keep your color palette within range of each other. Newly added tattoos should coincide with the ones you already have. They may have different meanings, but the theme should be consistent.

If you want a slip or design that goes awry, it is much harder to correct a colored version than their black and grey counterparts. Keep the borders and contrasts in mind when thinking about your next tattoo. If you are prone to skin allergies, there may be added ingredients in the colored ink to check on. Your tattoo artist can look into the matter if you are concerned. Dyes and pigments are hardly all natural and can interact with other chemicals or conditions.

Tatoo design
Tatoo design

While color is significantly brighter, black and grey is the best and classical choice. The subtle yet sharp contrasts have an artistic edge that merges with reality. The dynamic shading can blend easily, connect to future designs flawlessly and ultimately is simpler to work with. Colored Tattoos or black and grey are both brilliant in design. Whichever you choose, your memories will forever be a lasting artistic impression.