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Posted by on Apr 5, 2018 in Blog |

Top Tattoo Equipment

If you intend to become a professional tattoo artist, then there are some basic and essential equipment you need to buy to achieve this. This post will outline a list of some of the basic and essential tattoo instruments you need to get to further your career.

1. Tattoo Machines

A Tattoo Gun

These are the machines you use in making the tattoo designs. There are 2 types of tattoo guns used in making a tattoo. One of the tattoo machines is used to make the lines, while the other is used for creating grey and black shades; other professional tattoo artists make use of a third machine which they use to add colors to the design. As a beginner, it is advisable to use a steel or aluminum tattoo machine. This is because they have a lighter weight than machines made from iron or copper.

A Tattoo Gun

2. Medical and Sterilization Instruments

There are many tools that are used to help keep the tattoo clean both during and after the process. Such as aftercare antiseptic, antiseptic ointment and skin surface disinfectant. All of these are so vital to have a clean and safe environment for the tattoo to be created in.

Tattoo Autoclave

This instrument helps to sterilize your basic tattoo instruments by using a high steam pressure to remove contaminations. Alcohol rubbing pad, or an alcohol press pad as well as wipes for disinfecting the surface and of course the artist must be wearing latex gloves or arm tattoo sleeve.

Autoclave Bag

It is a bag where you store your tattoo equipment after you sterilize them.

Tattoo Machine Rack

This is where you keep your instruments when you are not using them.

Ultrasonic Cleaner and Solution

You use it to clean excess ink coming from tattoo needles and ink tubes. A brush set for cleaning brush tips and tubes.

Germicide Solution

This is used to sterilize your tattoo equipment such as the needle and the gun itself.

Spray Bottles

The first bottle should contain mixture water ¾ and liquid soap /4 while the second bottle should contain an Isopropyl alcohol.

Disposable Razors

Hand wrap, hospital tapes, and bandages: this is used to cover the surface area of the tattoo to avoid infection.


3. Other Equipment for a Tattoo Parlor

A Tattoo Work Table

The table should contain linoleum or a glass top, and the purpose is to hold your basic instruments while you work:

  • Paper towels
  • Rolling chair for the tattoo artist

Rolling chair for the tattoo artist

Basic weight lift bench

You use it for customers that want tattoos on their legs or on their back. Of course, you will also want to have a comfortable chair for the client to sit in so that they feel safe and calm while they are receiving their tattoo.

There are many tools and parts that going into having a safe, clean and comfortable tattoo shop. Each part is integral to have a successful business and to not having any issues with your clients and their tattoos. If you stick to the requirements you are sure to succeed.