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Posted by on May 26, 2018 in Blog |

Trending Tattoos for 2018

Tattooing is an ancient art that is still practiced to date despite the negative attitude directed towards the art over the years. It is now coming out of that and growing in popularity and acceptance.  A good number of people have been subjects of discrimination since they have a tattoo. The most challenging circumstance is the job interview scenario where many have been denied opportunities. The tattoo industry is dynamic when it comes to its trends that come and go. For instance, tattoos that were vibrant in the previous year are losing taste new ideas are taking over. Are you considering getting a new tattoo? Well, here are the best trending tattoos to get you started in your quest

Animal Tattoo

Ever since man stepped on the earth surface, he has interacted with animals in their natural habitats. The unique connection man has with nature is manifested in with tattoos. Animal tattoo as it is commonly known portrays personal meaning. They reflect on a person’s personality regarding characteristics possessed by a particular animal. Some of the animal tattoos have a great symbolism behind them. While they are cute and fun to look at they also have a lot of meaning. Each animal has a different symbol as well. For example, the Tiger symbolizes spiritually mindedness, loyalty, adventure and strength. The Lion has always been a symbol of courage and power. Then there are dolphins, these are more typical with girls for tattoos they are symbols of gracefulness and playfulness.

Geometric tattoos

These are often shapes and patterns as depicted in the real natural world. Geometric tattoos are of different colors and range from popular images to those that don’t represent external reality. To grant you a clear perspective of this type of tattoo let’s go through some of its examples. There are geometric plants, such as a geometric leaf or a modernistic version of a geometric fox.

Gemstone tattoos

Associated with fantasy meaning it’s the bearer’s idea spiced up by a skilled tattoo artist. It incorporates balance, perfection, symmetry, and harmony under one roof. Tattoo artists use three principles that aid them in coming up with gemstone tattoos. They include color, cut and creativity. The inspiration behind this tattoo is a precious stone we all aware of, diamonds. Gemstone tattoos are, but designs are depicting the real precious rocks tattooed on a person’s body.

Minimalist tattoo

Linked with individuals introduced to the art of tattooing and darlings of delicate designs. A minimalist tattoo can be as simple as the outline of a cat, or any animals for that matter. Or an outline of a map. A very popular one nowadays is geographic coordinates or important dates.

Tattooing is an art and a way people use to express themselves. The design must be top notch concerning style and class. While you may one to follow trends, you do also want to remember that this is a permanent thing, something that will be on your body for the rest of your life so choose wisely.