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Posted by on Jun 18, 2018 in Blog |

Where to Get a Tattoo if You Want it to Be Discreet

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision. The problem is that, in the past, tattoos were associated with people of ill repute, such as criminals and gangsters. This is not so much the case nowadays; however, it can be difficult to get a job if you have a tattoo that is visible to the public. Of course, it depends what area you plan to work in, as it will certainly be fine to have visible tattoos if you work in a tattoo parlor. However, your boss may not be as accepting if you are employed in another area, such as the food service industry or in the business world. You may then desire to have a tattoo that is hidden or discreet, so it is not visible to the general public.

Small Discreet Tattoos

There are a couple of places where you can have a tattoo that it will not be easily seen. One place would be behind an ear. So long as the tattoo is small, and you wear your hair long enough, the tattoo will remain hidden unless you pull your hair back. Of course, if you have very short hair, then this may not work well as people will still see the tattoo. This is also the case if you decide to have a tattoo at the back of your neck – on the nape. Longer hair might cover it, but you have to be conscious of it at all times. Tattoos can also be applied to the tongue and under the chin. These are discreet places to put a tattoo, but, obviously, in order to remain hidden, it would have to be small.

You could get a tattoo on your finger that you can hide by wearing a ring over it. The problem is that you have to remember to wear a cover-up. You could also get a tattoo down the sides of your finger. People may interpret the marking as an ink from a leaky pen. You may also get a tattoo on the bottom of your foot, then you really will be certain it is hidden from view.

Hidden by Clothing

A good way to have a hidden tattoo is to have it done on your inner thigh or hip. These are not places of the body that are usually exposed when you are at work, which means it remains hidden. Another place where a tattoo can be placed (and it will be well hidden) is on the buttocks. A chest tattoo can remain covered, but it depends on what clothes you are wearing. If you are dressed conservatively, then a chest tattoo should remain well concealed from public view. Today you can even get a tattoo that only shows up under UV light. This way you can have a it anywhere and be assured that it is not visible under ordinary light.